Warm up with one of our soups, and a soup will be donated to someone in need.

Help someone in need. The winter months are here, and for those of us that are lucky enough to enjoy the comforts of home, it can be a happy and cosy time of year. However, for those less fortunate, it can be one of the hardest.

This year we are extending our hospitality beyond our guests and into our local communities by providing hot soup and sit-down meals to people in need. At the same time, we are empowering our guests to leave a positive impact and become local Souper Heroes too.

At Penta we want to do our part to give back, and we’re inviting everyone to join us. This winter we have created an initiative called Souper Heroes. Who are these Souper Heroes? Well, you of course! We are introducing a line of (yes, you guessed it) soups for a limited period to warm up those cold winter days for both you and someone in need. When you buy a soup from us, we will donate a soup on your behalf to someone in need in the city you are visiting.


ways to participate

We have created several ways by which you can participate:

  1. Buy a soup from the menu in the pentalounge
  2. Buy a mug and enjoy free refills
  3. Buy a jar of soup to take home



At Penta, we celebrate the neighbourhoods of which we are a part. We know that when it comes to doing good in our communities, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. This is why each of our hotels has partnered with a local charity of their own choosing, with whom they can have a direct and positive impact on the local community. All donations raised go to our local charity partners. View the full list here.



Minestrone is a thick vegetable soup traditionally cooked by shepherds in Tuscany over a campfire, after a day out herding their animals. Check out the recipe here.

Creamy and delicious, this soup’s flavour owes much to freshly picked tomatoes from southern Italy and wholesome rice flour from the Po Valley. Check out the recipe here.

Try the amazing and spicy red lentil soup, a speciality for cold days. Check out the recipe here.

Our yummy soup in jars to take home.

Buy one mug, have a great cup of soup, refill until satisfied and be a Souper Hero. With this purchase you donate a soup to someone in need.

Buy one mug, have a great cup of soup, refill until satisfied and be a Souper Hero. With this purchase you donate a soup to someone in need.

Time to party!

Soup is not the only thing we’re good at, we also throw a pretty great party as well as large-scale events! Do you have something in mind? Of course, as a client, you can also participate in this initiative. Make your delegates Souper Heroes too! Curious? Drop us an email and our Events Team will get in touch in no time.

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